Halloween is a purrfect time to decorate everything! Obviously including ur nails… so here are some inspirationails i found at internet to help you to design and create your own halloween nail art!

And this is the nail art i did the last week when i was sick resting at home.



Hanna G.


♡ Random Facts ♡

Hi sweeties!

This time i dunno what to post so i decided to write 60 random facts that you don’t know about me and i think you don’t really care to know about them!

Anyways, here we go:

  1. I have one brother and one sister and i’m the youngest of them.
  2. I’m capricorn.
  3. I ADORE mommy n’ dadda.
  4. Before got married, hubby and i  were boyfriends for almost 11 years, i met him at high school.
  5. My favorite dogs are boxers, because my first and only pet was a lady boxer named Tequila.
  6. I’m the worst at math and calculus but when i was at high school i was at physicist-mathematical area.
  7. I’m Industrial Designer but i prefer jewelry and fashion design.
  8. I used to wear braces since i was 11 till 15 years old.
  9. I have one grandnephew.
  10. I know almost where are and which is the capital of many countries.
  11. My favorite colors are: pink, black, turquoise and lilac.
  12. I hate navy blue and red color!!
  13. My favorite disney movies are: The Lion King, Hercules and Tarzan.
  14. As a kid i used to be sooooo obsessed with the happy faces (so 90’s).
  15. When i was a kid i can spend all my days playing with Barbies.
  16. For my “quinces” my parents sent me to Europe.
  17. I met my best friends thanks to livejournal.
  18. I really HATE desorder and dust.
  19. I don’t like to tan my skin.
  20. I have almost no eyebrows.
  21. I cut my own hair since i was 15.
  22. I have dyed my hair of many color like:  pink, purple, orange, red, blue, green, blonde and black.
  23. I always have my make up done, even if i don’t go anywhere out of home.
  24. i love to wear fake lashes, specially the japanese ones!
  25. When i was at high school i used to hear a lot of punk music.
  26. I love old music from 60’s to 80’s like high energy, disco and classic rock.
  27. I hate mariachis!
  28. I really enjoy sometimes being alone with myself.
  29. I can watch Mean Girls over and over again.
  30. My favorite characters of Sanrio (besides Hello Kitty) are Badtz Maru, My Melody and Keroppi.
  31. I like (pretty much) to hear k-pop.
  32. My favorite band of all times is Queen.
  33. I love/admire Freddie Mercury so f*ckin’ much!
  34. I think the hottest man alive is Ronnie Radke (obvious after my hubbs!)
  35. My favorite animal is panda.
  36. I like so much boba teas!!
  37. I love matcha!! in tea, ice cream, cakes, pockys, cookies, chocolate, anything!!
  38. I HATE HATE HATE coke (coca-cola).
  39. My fave cupcake flavor is the red velvet.
  40. I don’t like coffee.
  41. I could eat sushi everyday!!
  42. For now i’m obsessed with platform shoes/sneakers.
  43. I don’t like to wear jeans, i prefer skirts or leggings.
  44. I love leopard print.
  45. I used to study french during high school.
  46. I used to study japanese (and i miss it).
  47. I’m a hypochondriac but I try to control it.
  48. I wash my hand at least 20 days at day.
  49. I can’t live without my schedule book!
  50. I have too many socks.
  51. I hate anything about celery… argh!
  52. My fav chocolate is the dark one.
  53. My favorite fruits is watermelon.
  54. I really enjoy to watch k-dramas.
  55. I love to watch Rupaul’s Drag Race.
  56. I dunno how to swim.
  57. For me is too hard to go to sleep or wake up early.
  58. My favorite car of all times is the Bel-Air 57.
  59. I like to watch soccer games, even more the games from the Champions League or the World Cup.
  60. I really H-A-T-E to use whatsapp.

There are many more but i don’t want to torture you! hahahaha!!


Hanna G.

♡ Onee Gyaru Style ♡

Hi sweeties!

Últimamente he estado inspirándome mucho en el estilo Onee Gyaru, que sería un estilo tipo “hermana mayor”; en Japón es usado mayormente por chicas de 20 años en adelante y es un look más sofisticado, sexy y adulto sin dejar de estar dentro de la corriente gyaru. A mi parecer una de las modelos que mejor representa este look es Sayoko Ozaki ♡

sayoko ozaki

Lo básico de este estilo (según lo que yo he notado) es:

♡ Cejas no tan delgadas y un poco arqueadas en tonalidades suaves.

♡ Sombras para ojos en tonos tierra creando un smokey eye no tan cargado.

♡ Se siguen utilizando delineado y pestañas postizas superiores y se pueden dejar de lado las pestañas inferiores (que bueno porque soy malísima poniéndome las inferiores), solo puedes marcarlas y separarlas muy bien con la mascara para pestañas.

♡ Circle lens en colores café, verde o gris pero en diseños más discretos.

♡ Mejillas en todos anaranjados.

♡ Rostro perfilado.

♡ Labios rosados o anaranjados, muy brillosos dando una apariencia más carnosa.

Les dejo unos tutoriales muy sencillos que encontré para que puedan probar este estilo:



…y algunos de mis intentos de maquillaje Onee Gyaru:

06 06 13 chu



Hanna G.