Hi sweeties!!

How are you today? i’m pretty fine, except for a little irritation i have in one of my eyes and i haven’t been able to wear eye make up since some days ago and i feel like a little boy (σ≧▽≦)σ hahaha!

Anyways… a while ago i saw a blanket inspired in the Usagi’s one and  thought I NEED TO HAVE IT! On december at the site i ordered it had free shipping so i have to buy it! Originally it was going to be my “XMAS PRESENT” but they send it on december 20th and as you may know, the packages sent during the holidays takes like forever to arrive and obviously it was the case!

My cute blanket took 1 month and 20 days to arrive, but the wait was worth it!

OMG! i luuuuuuuuuuuv how it looks!! (。♥‿♥。)  My hubby is so lovely n’ kind for letting me put this on our bed, yeeei!

One side is printed and the other side is white, also is super duper soft, just like a cloud! I choose the biggest one, the measures are 60 x 80 in (152 x 203 cm aprox)

Say “HI” to my little friends!!  >‿‿◕

You can get this blanket in diferent sizes at LOOKHUMAN, for now they have special prices and remember to have patience with the delivery time!

Other cute item i got was this chibi Cutie Rod, but i have to confess i made a mistake! I thought i had ordered the Sailor Moon Cutie Ball Point Pen but instead of it i ordered the Moon Miracle Pointer Pen, but… WHO CARES?!? it’s still so pretty cute!

So now i can point everything in a cute way!

It’s super shinny! ☆ ☆ ☆

I even loved the package!

About the shipping it took longer to arrive because it was a preorder product, plus the holidays, plus some issues with customs receiving packages from Japan but without those situations the delivery time is super fast! Maybe from 5 to 7 days.

You can get this and more moonie stuff at J-List.com!

Btw! Let me show you one of the new items i will have coming soon at hellyeahsweetnsour’s facebook and etsy:

Some kawaii bling-bling!

Well babes, that’s all for this time! Thankies for read!


Hanna Ghoulina



Hi sweetie babezzzz!

Hope you have done everything great! As i told ya in other entry, my b*day was on January 15th and i have a great (and long) celebration!!

It starts with a super yummy breakfast made by my mommy (▰˘◡˘▰) and then i can’t do much that day because it was thursday so i had to work, but i was so the BDAY GRRRL! No matter what, when is my bday i always feel super happy and excited! And this year was even more special because i’m leaving a decade and a new one is coming! i’m gettin’ old o my gaaaaaash! O(≧▽≦)O

On friday night, my sister, my hubz, my friends and I went to a place named Patick Miller to dance and have some drinks, that they at the place played 80’s and 90’s music so we were beyond happy! We dance till i couldn’t feel my feet because i wear an enourmous, bad choice! The next time i swear i wil wear flat shoes to dance till the place close!!

Hubby and i seem like we were tipsy, hahaha! |◔◡◉|

The kawaii gang! Ringo, Miyu, Eli, Coco and me… we were the dancing queens of the night v(⌒o⌒)v♪

The next day the girls and i went to the downtown for some sweets and for a little shopping, we were super tired but who cares?? we are still cute!!

On January 20th hubby and i went to see a Queen concert at the movie theater; the concert we saw had place at Montreal in 1981 and i enjoy it so much! You may don’t know but Queen is my favorite band and Freddie Mercury is one of my idols! Great music, extravagant look and rockstar actitud, why am i not gonna love them?

Freddie my darling ♡

Fan outfit for the day!


And now… the present section:

Hello Kitty wallet i got at Mimi The Store


Flowers by my hubz’s mom


Finally i got this EOS lip balm that i’ve been looking for and one day i found it at Wal*Mart, yay!


A cute and pinky flask by Eli babe!


My favorite BB cream forevaaaah!!


Baby Face petit blusher by It’S SKIN!


And my cousins made for me some Hello Kitty nutella filled butter cookies, OMG! they tasted like heaven and as you can see they are purrfects!

Random comment: Now i noticed all my pics are super blurry, hahaha!

Well babes, it’s all for this time! Have a cute day just like you!

nom nom and bye bye!


Hanna Ghoulina


Hi sweeties!!

How were your dollidays? I had a blast of fun with my family, hubz and friends! And now is time to start a year full of love, work, dreams, projects, etc!

I specially love when a new year comes because i automatically feel fresh and new! Also i love the first month of the year because it means: MY B*DAY IS COMING!! (capricorn bae!) So now i’m super excited counting days till January 15th. YEEEEI~~!


And well, a new year is here and i have some purposes to make:

1. Have a better and healthier diet because during december days i ate like crazy! tumblr_inline_mznsk36W0Y1ro0xrn

2. Make my first cosplay!! I don’t know who i can be but i have to try! 

3. MAKE OVER TIME!! I really really need to make something with my hair tumblr_loo44rxLEV1qhh19qtumblr_loo44fvKAG1qhh19q

4. Improve my punctuality

5. Learn new make up skills and also make some tutorials

6. Make a bunch of new stuff for hellyeahsweetnsour 

7. Retake my nail art business! 

8. Keep writing and write more at the blog. 

9. TRAVEL PLISU!!! (^A^) 

10. Get new things for my home and maybe redecorate! 

And my all times purpose (and the most important of all) keep near my hubby, family and friendz! without them my life wouldn’t be as happy as it is nowdays! 

Well babies, I hope your resolutions for this year make it happen!


Hanna G.