Hi sweeties!

This time i made some questions to the lovely Miyu Miau, a mexican designer with a cute, feminine, sexy and colorful style that you can notice in all her illustrations.

♡ Name:

Miyu Miau / MYK

♡ Profession: Graduated Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

♡ Where are you from? “Born and raised in Mexico, D.F.”

♡ What’s the meaning of your name or why did you choose it?  “It was something random (lol) amm … CLAMP have a manga called Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is a small parody of Alice in Wonderland which is one my favorite books and movies from all times, then that manga was like two things I like very much so i took the name of the protagonist, else besides I like the meaning”.

♡ Since when did you start drawing? “I dunno in which moment happens but is something that i loved since always; i liked a lot to draw the cartoon characters that i used to watch”.

♡ What inspires you to do your illustrations? “In everything but mostly in music, stories, animated series, things happened with my friends… internet is my great inspiration but certainly”.

♡ What is your favorite technique (to illustrate)? “I really like working with wood pencils, acrylics and digital tools as vectors or brushes from photoshop”.

♡ Which are your current projects? “For almost three years ago that I’m with the collective Milkshake (which have planned many surprises) also I have a project with Koikoa called Suppah Sonik and we make clothes and accessories inspired by anime and Japanese fashion; and finally MYK / Miyu Miau which is the name I use to illustrate and sometimes get a little merch.”

♡ What is your astrological sign and your Chinese sign? “I’m a Libra/Horse”

♡ What is your fav color? “This question always have troubled me very much because I like all the colors (lol) but, hmm… I think my winning combination would be light gray with pastel pink and white”.

♡ What is your fav food? “I’m a huge fan of fast food *all of them*”.

♡ Favorite beverage? “Green tea/matcha”.

♡ What’s your current favorite song? “I have a HUGE crush with the full album (i refuse to choose only one, hahaha!) A Million Miles Away from MACROSS 82-99“.

♡ Favorite movie of all times? Mean Girls, I can watch it over and over again, i can’t get enough”.

♡ Favorite singer/band of all times? “Ayumi Hamasaki, Nujabes and Joey Bada$$


♡ Who or what are some of your influences? “I’m a huge fan of Miss Van, Ippei Gyoubu, Eimi, Ilya Kuvshinov, Hikari Shimoda, Natali Koromoto, Buff Monster and Junko Mizuno”.

♡ Who are your idols and/or heroes? “Ayumi Hamasaki, my Milky babies and my parents”.

♡ 5 objects you can’t live without? “Moisturizing hand cream, lip balm, my ipod, a pen and a hair brush”.


This is a little bit about Miyu Miau, you can contact her, know a bit more about her or see more of her work at:

tumblr miyukiu.tumblr.com

mail miyukimiau@gmail.com

instagram @miyukiu


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to support the kawaii movement!


Hanna G.


Hi sweeties♡!

A long time without writting! I have to confess i’ve had a busy month, so i’m a bit tired but always so happy!

I’d been working a lot for an event that i had in the middle of march, so i made a bunch of cute stuff for Sweet n’ Sour… i didn’t have any chance to take pics of the event because i went alone so i had to be at the stand all day long!

Also, let me tell you that i have been working with my friends in a new project, i hope to tell you more datails coming soon in a new entry.

Btw, i will inagurate a new section at my blog called “CHIBI INTERVIEW”, i will make short questions to some grrrly grrrl talents, obviously with a kawaii style! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

Well, basically i just wanted to say “HI” and let you know i’m still alive!

Have a cute day/noon/night (ノ´з`)ノ


Hanna G.