Hi sweeties♡!

A long time without writting! I have to confess i’ve had a busy month, so i’m a bit tired but always so happy!

I’d been working a lot for an event that i had in the middle of march, so i made a bunch of cute stuff for Sweet n’ Sour… i didn’t have any chance to take pics of the event because i went alone so i had to be at the stand all day long!

Also, let me tell you that i have been working with my friends in a new project, i hope to tell you more datails coming soon in a new entry.

Btw, i will inagurate a new section at my blog called “CHIBI INTERVIEW”, i will make short questions to some grrrly grrrl talents, obviously with a kawaii style! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡

Well, basically i just wanted to say “HI” and let you know i’m still alive!

Have a cute day/noon/night (ノ´з`)ノ


Hanna G.