Hi sweeties!

A long time without posting! I have a bunch of new entries but not enough time to finish all of them or at least one!

Anyways… Let me show you a new OOTD featuring a new skirt names “Occult”… a lil’ collab between my brand (Sweet n’ Sour) and Mictia Clothing.

occult skirt

♡ Hat: Volcom

♡ Sunglasses: Buychina

♡ Tee: Sweet n’ Sour

♡ Necklace: TodoModa

♡ Skater Skirt: Mictia Clothing by Sweet n’ Sour

♡ Over the knee socks: Random shop at downtown

♡ Sneakers: Sexy Jeans

occult skirt

I adore the skater skirts! They are super girly, comfy and fresh. Just be careful if the wind blows! Nobody want to have a Marilyn Monroe moment at the street! (at least not me!)

Btw, on April 26th i will be uploading new stuff at my etsy and facebook stores so STAY TUNED!

Thankies for read!


Hanna Ghoulina



Hello hello hello!

How are you babez? During this days the weather have been super hot so that’s why some of this day i’ve had to change my lovely black clothes for something light and fresh!

hanna ghoulina

hanna ghoulina

hanna ghoulina

hanna ghoulina

Outfit of the day:

♡ Beanie: hellyeahsweetnsour

♡ Denim Jacket: Milkshake and MYK

♡ Pin Buttons: Calvin Klein

♡ Tee: Random store

♡ Skirt: Sheinside

♡ Ruffled Socks: Random store

♡ Shoes: A present from my mommy

Have a cute day babies and thanks for read!

XO, Hanna Ghoulina


Whatzzz up sweeties!

Let me show you some of my current obsessions for this spring:

1. Bingsu and frappe: delicious and cold, nom nomz! if they are matcha flavor, better!

2. Ruffled Socks: i have a HUGE crush with them, i love them and want them in every color, they look well with sneakers, platforms or heels.

3. Big bows: i could wear them everyday!

4. Decoden cases: all the sweetness in your hands!

5. Pastel, white, hologram or glittery nails: and if you have dagger nails they look even better!

6. Fan or uchiwa: a must at my bag during this season, nobody want a sweaty face, not me!

7. Crazy sunglasses: protect your eyes, avoid nose wrinkles and complete your outfit!

8. Sun block: don’t forget to protect your precious skin! I love the kids’ sunblocks, they last for more time, have funny packs and smell even better!

9. Cute n’ big earrings: it’s the first time i’m wearing long earrings, kind of likey!

10. Mini backpacks: as everybody can see, 90’s are back and also this chibi backpacks! A comfy and useful accessory; thanks Baby Geez i still have mine!

11. Full prints: on skirts or tees, they look cho good!

12. Crop tops: show your belly!

Well those are some of my fav things for spring, or at least for this month!

Please let me know your current obsessions fot this season leaving a comment!

Thankies for read!


Hanna G.