♡ MEXIJUKU 2015 ♡

Hi sweeties! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

As you may know the last weekend was the Harajuku Fashion International Day, in Mexico was celebrated on July 25 and here (at our country) we know the walk as Mexijuku and this was the 2º edition.


Some days before the walk i was invited to participate at the promotional video of the event, it was so funny and i had the chance to met new cool people. You can see me, all pink from head to toe!

On sunday hubby and i went together to the meeting point,  and i have to say I love him even more because he support all the thing i do! *sighs* ♡♡♡

We met with some friends of the grrrly crew i’m in (named Milkskake) ElliRokz and Miyu Miau, also joined to us 2 more friends (Michell and Menta).

We walked all together with our cute styles, i really loved and enjoyed to see people with many style, it meltsssss my heart! Also was so nice to meet some cute people that i already known thanks to instagram, facebook or common friends (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚


IMG_1623 (1)

That day was beyoooooond hawt so water, hats, umbrellas and uchiwas were a must during the walk!

At the middle of the road we stopped to take a group pic with all the attendees.mexijuku


At the end we arrive to fresher place (to the building of a delegation) and there was a stage waiting for us in which was a small concert, para-para dance and a little catwalk; I was one of  the sponsoring stores, so there was a winner who took a #hellyeahsweetnsour’s prize.

And obviously… MORE PICS! muahahaha! (camwhore time)

In order: Me, ElliRokz, Michell, Miyu and Menta.mexijuku

hanna ghoulina

♡ The Outfit of The Day ♡

hanna ghoulina

Hat: Forever21

Kimono: Koi ni Buta

Crop Top: Mictia Clothing

Necklaces: TodoModa

Skirt: Taobao

Stockings and ruffled socks: Forever21

Platforms: Y.R.U

Tote bag: L0ll3

And obviously nails made by me!

I can’t wait for the next year event!

Hope you’d liked my entry and as always: THANKS-4-READ!


。˚✩ Hanna Ghoulina ✩˚。