Hi sweeties!!

A long long long time without writing, hope all of you had an awesome xmas and new year time. I send to every one my ki and all my pink vibes.

Purrsonally i’m not a huge fan of xmas but i’m start to get excited because when xmas arrives it means my birthday is so near.

My bday is on January 15th, but this year i prefer to celebrate it a day before to go to a night club on saturday night.

This birthday was so cute because my kawaii friends surprised me with a lovely mini bday party before to go to the club; hubby took my to Elli’s house and i think we only was going to pick her and Ringo but they and other lovely friends (Mich and Bren) surprised me with a matcha cake, pizza, kpop and presents.

I love this girls because everything is love and fun when they are arround ♡

After a round of kpop we go to a night club and there were waiting for us more of my closest friends; i like this place because the booze and the music is good and you can be surrounded of drag queens and at the midnight you can enjoy the show.

I enjoyed a lot to be with my  hubby and friends, I couldn’t take pictures with all of them but I’m sure they also had a good time.

I also received super pink bday haul, I appreciate a lot each present, they make me realize my hubby and friends know me very well *\(^o^)/*♪♪♪♪

And also I received this awesome illustrations, it so cute to notice how I look in their minds ♡

This bday was so special because once again I noticed I’m surrounded of magical and cute people that help me to have a happier life ♡

Thankies so much for read and (as I always say) I hope to have enough time to write at my blog, if you have some topic suggestions it will help me a lot.



Hanna G.