Eso es lo que la marca Tokidoki le dijo a Barbie para junto con ella celebrar esu 10º aniversario, y ¿cómo celebrarlo juntos? pues que mejor que con una colaboración entre ellos ヾ(♡ᗜ♡๑)ノ”

La celebración de los 10 años, ubicada en el cyberworld con el hashtag #10ve (love), trae diversos artículos especiales por el aniversario desde mini vynil toys hasta ropa y accesorios en colaboración con otras marcas, pero en lo personal, esta muñeca se lleva las palmas dentro de esta colección tan especial para Tokidoki.

No es la primera vez que hacen una muñeca juntos, ¿recuerdan esta versión?

Esta vez la señorita Barbara Millicent Roberts (nombre real de Barbie) trae un look beyond cute!! Cada detalle diseñado obviamente por Simone Legno, director creativo y co-owner de la marca.



✩ Características especiales ✩

♡ Cabello largo con bangs rectos, todo en pinks!

♡ Piel bronceada, make up y tatuajes coloridos

♡ Top de lentejuelas en plata, cinturón con hebilla del logo y falda full print con peticoat rosa

Clutch y high heels en plata + gift bag en rosa

♡ Un par de diademas inspiradas en Donutella y Bastardino

♡ Acompañada de la pequeña Polppetina

Pero… guess what? Esta vez no solo hicieron una versión sino 2, la segunda será aun más limitada. Es igual de hermosa que la primera pero esta tiene un look más pastel goth, lista para salir a fiestar! Aun no hay muchas fotos en la red pero aquí se aprecia cada uno de sus detalles:

♡ Cabello largo con bangs rectos en color lila

♡ Piel pálida con make up y tatuajes coloridos

♡ Top de lentejuelas en negro, cinturón con hebilla y falda full print con peticoat lila

Clutch dorado y high heels en negro + gift bag en negro

♡ Diadema negra con orejitas con spikes

♡ Esta vez viene acompañada de la pequeña Polppetina pero en negro

I know! Es P-E-R-F-E-C-T-A!! ♡ Esta fue creada por Bill Greening, diseñador de Mattel responsable de Barbie Basics, la línea especial de las muñecas de colección.

Obviamente son edición super limitada y solo puede comprarse 1 de cada una por persona, tienen un costo individual de $75 usd y son parte de la Barbie Collector Black Label. Así que si las necesitas ya en tu colección puedes comprarla aquí:

versión pinks 

versión darks ✩

¿Cuál versión prefieren ustedes? Yo de verdad que no podría escoger sólo una!

Gracias por leer!


Hanna Ghoulina.



Hi sweeties!

I haven’t published this entry i dunno why! Well, the thing is I ordered this crop top a bit ago, this is so popular at instagram and it’s made by the brand Happy M0nday from Thailand. I have to say i was so impatience to have it in my closet (btw, the delivery time took over 1 month and more than a half), it is cute but i wasn’t 100% happy when i received it because the material TT~TT

Here is the crop top:


The design is pretty simple, that’s why i love it!


It is well detailed and the sewing work is purrfect.


hmmmm…? the tag says 100% cotton but in fact it is 100% poliester with not much quality ¬¬DSC01930

When i ordered (more than 4 months ago) they only had the option of one size  but now they have 2 sizes and I dunno if i’m too petit because i have seen this worn on super cute and skinny grrrls and they look so good but for me is a bit big.

They still have it on stock but in black color, if you wanna buy it here is the link to the store: Happy M0nday

Thankies so much for read!!


Hanna G.

♡ MEXIJUKU 2015 ♡

Hi sweeties! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

As you may know the last weekend was the Harajuku Fashion International Day, in Mexico was celebrated on July 25 and here (at our country) we know the walk as Mexijuku and this was the 2º edition.


Some days before the walk i was invited to participate at the promotional video of the event, it was so funny and i had the chance to met new cool people. You can see me, all pink from head to toe!

On sunday hubby and i went together to the meeting point,  and i have to say I love him even more because he support all the thing i do! *sighs* ♡♡♡

We met with some friends of the grrrly crew i’m in (named Milkskake) ElliRokz and Miyu Miau, also joined to us 2 more friends (Michell and Menta).

We walked all together with our cute styles, i really loved and enjoyed to see people with many style, it meltsssss my heart! Also was so nice to meet some cute people that i already known thanks to instagram, facebook or common friends (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚


IMG_1623 (1)

That day was beyoooooond hawt so water, hats, umbrellas and uchiwas were a must during the walk!

At the middle of the road we stopped to take a group pic with all the attendees.mexijuku


At the end we arrive to fresher place (to the building of a delegation) and there was a stage waiting for us in which was a small concert, para-para dance and a little catwalk; I was one of  the sponsoring stores, so there was a winner who took a #hellyeahsweetnsour’s prize.

And obviously… MORE PICS! muahahaha! (camwhore time)

In order: Me, ElliRokz, Michell, Miyu and Menta.mexijuku

hanna ghoulina

♡ The Outfit of The Day ♡

hanna ghoulina

Hat: Forever21

Kimono: Koi ni Buta

Crop Top: Mictia Clothing

Necklaces: TodoModa

Skirt: Taobao

Stockings and ruffled socks: Forever21

Platforms: Y.R.U

Tote bag: L0ll3

And obviously nails made by me!

I can’t wait for the next year event!

Hope you’d liked my entry and as always: THANKS-4-READ!


。˚✩ Hanna Ghoulina ✩˚。


Hello sweeties!

Once again the lovely Teresa, the owner of Michi Michi Rainbow Land, send me a package full of love and kawaii stuff… let me show you:

It arrived pretty safely into a purple plastic envelope:

and… ta~da!

This is what I received from this cute shop:

A pair of stockings, a keychain, a necklace, stickers, business card and a lovely chibi letter:DSC01865

And here are each of them:



I love glitter!!


Love this detail:

Like a Sailor Moon fan, i ADORE this keychain!DSC01859

Don’t forget to visit MichiMichiRainbowLand shop to see all the products she have waiting for you!

Thanks for read!

XO, Hanna Ghoulina.


Hi sweeties!!

How are ya? Let me show you some cute stuff i got recently:

The first item is this blouse.

This is a replica from the Moschino’s Barbie Collection… one day walking at the downtown i found it in a store named Candy. Since i saw it i knew i wanted that blouse at in my life!!

The detail of the neck, it’s like a tie that you can put however you want… purrfect!

The blouse is obviously a bunch cheaper and bit different from the original but i still love it!

White heart over a pink canvas… AMAZING!

hanna ghoulina

Other pink stuff i found randomly the same day at the downtown were this rounded sunglasses in pink color… love at first sight! (they were soooooooooooooo cheap)

And i can’t help my addiction with the cellphone cases!! If they are huge that is better for me!

I got this from my friend’s brand Kawaii as fuck!


She got a bunch of Sailor Moon figures for the cases so i have too keep that Luna P ball for me, isn’t it cute? arrrrgh! i love it so much!

♡ ♡ ♡

Last saturday i have an awesome time with my friends! We were interview by Gentokyo, this because we are into a collective named Milkshake (in other entry i will tell you about us!)

We had a mini photoshoot, ate at a restaurant named The Ramen House (i have to say is one of my fav places) and we had a lot of talk and food! COMBO BREAKER!

PICS TIME start… NOW!!

(Milkshake + Gentokyo)IMG_0846

(Ellie, Melie n’ Koi)IMG_0845 (2)

(Elli n’ Me)IMG_0844

(Coco, Elli n’ Me)IMG_0843

(The sweet coven)IMG_0815

(moshi moshi!)IMG_0755

(Dessert time presents: matcha ice cream… nom nomz!)

Thanx for read!


XO, Hanna Ghoulina


Hi sweeties!

I think i have a super obssesion with the Jeffree Star’s velours; i love that they’re super long lasting (except when you eat oily food) and the matte texture feel and look so awesome. I NEED EM ALL! (in fact i already order “Weirdo” and “I’m Nude”, muahahahaha!)

This time i got 3 shades

I have to say the time between i place my order and receive the product was super fast, i think i have to wait almost 3 weeks.

“I’m Royalty”: Is a lovely and vibrant purple color. I love this color! first i didn’t like it a lot but i dunno how i fell in love with it! It looks cute with a brown/cooper eyeshadows ♡

“Queen Supreme”: I have to say that i loved how this color looks in pictures and when i receive it i like it a lot because it is like a Barbie pink but, when i applied on myself, it looks more like a super neon lilac and i don’t like how it looks on my skin tone.. or maybe i have to find the right make up combination to make it flattery for me! I will give it a second chance 🙂DSC01918

“Celebrity Skin”: This color is AMAZING! It makes an augment effect on the lips and it is something that I really appreciate of this shade. Between  of the 3 tones that I ordered, it was the least I liked but, contrary to the pink, when I applied it I loved how it looked in contrast to my skin. Plus, It combined with any eyeshadow or clothes color. This shade is an A+!DSC01920

And this is how they look over my skin:

If you wanna get some of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics shades you have to be super alert at their instagram or suscribe to the newsletter because when they restock them they literally fly!

Btw, Hubby bought me a My Melody mirror to replace my Rilakkuma mirror he broke before, so i passed from this (¬_¬) to this (^-^)! YEI!

I really loved mirrors!


Thanks for read and…

XO, Hanna G.